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The 5th large technological Ruby, Rails and related technologies conference. Leaders from Eastern+Western Europe and USA will gather to discuss technological aspects of development with Ruby.
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@tenderlove, GitHub, USA
Ruby & Rails СoreTeam member, top 1 contributor to Rails & RubyHero 2010
Renowned speaker at numerous international events, and author of Nokogiri (XML parser) and Psych (YAML parser). One of Ruby's most respected and loved programmers.

He has improved ActiveRecord substantively in usability and performance and is also on the Ruby and Rails security teams.
Professional team of conference & meetup organisers in Minsk, Belarus
Community of Belarus' Ruby developers
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Bozhidar Batsov
@bbatsov, Bulgaria
VP Engineering @Toptal
@mikhailbortnyk, Ukraine
Language researcher and VM geek, Developer @N-iX
@margOnline, UK
Senior Software Developer @Money Advice Service
@wintermeyer, Germany
Old school Rails consultant, trainer and author of the apress Ruby on Rails 5.2 book
@apneadiving, France
Ru(g)by fan, Ruby on Rails freelancer
Whenever Open-Source meets deep and profound debates about architecting software, and there's free beers involved, Nick Sutterer must be just around the corner.

Say Hi to him, he loves people.
I'm Head of Web in Artec3D. We produce the best hand-held 3D scanners in the world. There is a lot of data processing, which means we have a different perspective on high-loads.

I like it when the solution goes beyond specific framework or the exact programming language and even the operation system. It's obvious these solutions save resources and hardware as well as it helps to catch edge cases in the early stages. The most efficient solutions are based on a mix of paradigms and best-practices.

Also I like cats ^.^
Ruby developer for 6 years.

One of creators of Kiev's local Ruby and Erlang courses Kottans.org.

Language researcher and VM geek.
After graduating from a UK dev boot camp, Margo has worked as a developer at a digital product studio, a multinational retail company and a public sector organisation.

In all of these positions, she has participated in interviews on both sides of the table.

Three years ago she started the W London chapter of Codebar. Margo is currently working as a senior developer with the Money Advice Service in London.
Old school Rails consultant, trainer and author of the apress Ruby on Rails 5.2 book
Backend developer at Evil Martians, maintainer of Ossert, open-source enthusiast and street drummer.

I believe that future of our tech and education is in open-source way of collaboration.
Ruby and Elixir guy with math background. Dedicated 7 years to making web apps on Rails and supporting startup ideas. Love mentoring developers, adventures and traveling. Motivated to try everything and think "fail fast, success sooner".
Web developer for 3 years who loves open-source and conferences. Ruby makes me happy and keeps me sane. Lover, writer, filmophile and an avid reader.
In this talk we'll go over everything you need to know about RuboCop - a powerful Ruby static code analyzer that makes it easy for you to enforce a consistent code style throughout your Ruby projects.

We'll begin by examining the events that lead to the creation of RuboCop, its early days and its evolution, effective RuboCop usage and some of its cool but little-known features. Then we'll continue with a brief look into RuboCop's internals and show you how easy it is to extend its functionality.

We'll wrap the talk with a glimpse inside RuboCop's future and discuss some of the challenges the project faces and some of the work that remains to be done, before RuboCop finally reaches the coveted 1.0 version.
Reviewing just-in-time compilation as a possible future way to speed up Ruby 3.0, comparisons of implementations and different benchmarking ways.

I will tell a little about JIT theory and a lot about existing implementations (starting from JRuby+Truffle, ending up with MJIT and LLRB).

Warning: a lot of graphs, benchmarks, LLVM, JVM and Ruby source code.
Nowadays, unit tests are an essential part of our development process. While we are proud we have 100% test coverage; it does not mean that our code behaves as expected, notably when we deal with external APIs.

I'm working on the eBaymag project which mostly built around various API interactions: eBay API, Google Translate API, DHL API and so on.
I solve different sophisticated problems based on unexpected API behavior on my daily basis.

So I want to introduce a contract-based testing framework that aims to get rid of unexpected behavior of your app. I'll share the tools and approaches that will minimize the risks of being dependent on some external system API.
Speed is paramount for the success of a website (key for a good conversion rate and SEO). Unfortunately Webperformance is not a strong suite of a vanilla Rails application.

Let's optimize an example Ruby on Rails 5.2 web shop application and analyze before/after times. I'll show the audience where it makes sense to spend time to optimize and where not. Use the new 5.2 goodies!

Side effect: By making your Rails app faster you'll save server costs.
The importance of soft skills for successful developer teams cannot be overestimated.

First impressions set the tone for developer relations and the interview is where you make that first impression.

Here are a few ways companies got it right and got it wrong; and how you can take control to start things off on the right foot.
Making tired on developing "new-Snapchat-with" or "app-like-Airbnb-but" or doing something like "ok, I will copy that from that project, add design and go to production" sounds familiar to you? Was ruby worth it to learn and use it for all these years? Let's see what more can ruby do for you!

We will start with top level overview about options you have today (they will make your life is a developer challenging), then will go down to real world case(-s) and, hopefully, will make something working together. I want to present my experience and will guide you on what can ruby do with machine learning, so often called AI today.
Just before Christmas we launched a new body-measurement feature for our shapify.me project. A person goes into the 3D booth, gets scanned, and the body-measurements are calculated with the 3D scan data. We couldn't avoid using a GPU with these calculations.

How to install this branch of processing into our elegant scaling pipeline? When you're dealing with 3D scans you should remember two things: it's expensive and time-consuming. By the way, its workload fluctuates throughout the days. The easiest solution for us was to use Docker.

This speech is not about mining, but the most helpful articles for us were ones such as "Building your own mining farm". That's because we use quite a similar infrastructure.
GPU, Docker, scaling. What we achieved, where we failed, and what it became of it in the end is all included in my speech.
Whenever things can get wrong and you need a way to go back to a consistent state, ACID (and service objects) gets your back. We will explore some patterns to go back on your feet even if you have to orchestrate many database writes and even third party: queues, api calls.
A blazing fast voyage through the jungle of object-oriented programming, onwards to functional discipline, up to my rediscovery of an ancient, long-lost art: Enterprise software!
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